Unlimited Vacation Club Safety Procedures for guests and members to ensure extra safety.

AMresorts have always made guest health and safety; it’s the number one priority. That being said, with everything that’s going on in the world, some changes needed to be made to make sure that everyone can enjoy AMResort’s beautiful beachfront resorts and spas safely and responsibly. AMResorts has put together a brand new set of practices, called the clean, complete verification practices, to ensure that guests can visit any of the many stunning resorts with complete peace of mind.

AMResorts quality, safety, and hygiene systems have factored in every individual aspect of the resorts day to day operations and put together a cohesive in-depth plan that ensures the safety of guests and employees alike. Having continuously evolving and developing safety features, overseen by an independent third party, is the most effective way of ensuring that there are no oversights.

Safety and Security is the top priority

Everything that must be considered has been. AMResorts has always firmly believed that your vacation should begin as soon as you book; that’s why from the moment you arrange your holiday, you will begin receiving updates and advice regarding your resorts safety protocols. You will continue receiving these updates until the moment you have returned home. AMResorts aims to keep you safe for the entirety of your vacation, not just your time spent in the resort.

Third-party verification is the only way to ensure that your safety protocols receive a thorough and non-biased review. That’s why AMResorts has partnered with Crystal International Standards to ensure that all of our resorts are working towards the same goal of the absolute pinnacle of guest health, safety, and happiness. Crystal International Standards is collaborating closely with AMResorts to ensure that all of our resorts meet the POS protocol (prevention of spread). We have also assured that every resort meets the Crystal International Standard check verification. That’s our guarantee to you that we will go above and beyond to ensure that nothing is overlooked. AMResorts is one of the first all-inclusive resort organizations that has employed such a standard in its resorts, let alone across all of them.

Crystal International Standard has partnered up with an organization called Bactercontrol. Their focus to stop the spread of bacteria and illness through food and drink. This is a major concern for any hospitality business at the moment. Bactercontrol has extremely strict guidelines that every resort must adhere to. Each month there will be rigorous testing and inspections to ensure everything is up to code, as well as a yearly evaluation and grade given to each resort to ensure safety and transparency are unequivocally high.

From the moment you arrive, you will notice some pretty significant changes to the way guests are greeted. Hospitality is, of course, one of our biggest priorities. However, given the COVID situation, we have had to make some changes. Guests will be checked on arrival for their temperature and general well being before they are allowed to enter into the resort. Detailed travel records must be provided to ensure the safety of all our guests as well as members of staff. Should a guest arrive feeling unwell or presenting any COVID symptoms, they will be escorted to an isolated section of the resort where they can consult with our onsite physicians about a course of action. All luggage carts are disinfected before and after each use to ensure there is no spread of bacteria from guest to guest.

To ensure our rooms are as sterile as possible, each guest will find signs detailing when the room was cleaned as well as by who so there is maximum accountability. You will find a few minor changes to the room to ensure that it remains clean and sterile.

Taking the worry away from Traveling

Firstly, you’ll notice far more sanitization products available for you to use—lotions, gels, wet wipes, etc. You will also find that everyday devices Are covered in clear plastic covers to prevent you from coming in direct contact with the said device—television remotes, climate control, spare pillows, and blankets, etc.

You will very quickly notice sanitizer is the name of the game in our resorts. Everything will be wiped down and sanitized frequently. Everything from bar stools to tennis rackets, lounge chairs to umbrella stands. Sanitiser stations will be set up strategically around the resort to provide you easy access for health reasons and peace of mind. Social distancing will be applied throughout the resort, whether you are lounging around by the pool or dining in one of our luxurious restaurants.

Your health and safety always have and will always be our main priority. These are strange times, but we are confident we can get through them together. Stay tuned as more details come out concerning our brand new health and safety protocols and our brand new resorts!


The Unlimited Vacation Club by AMResorts is an exclusive travel club whose members receive VIP privileges at AMResorts properties in Mexico, the Caribbean, Panama and Costa Rica, including guaranteed preferred rates and special offers.

Through a variety of participation levels—Pearl, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Impression—discerning travelers can earn free nights stays at luxurious resorts and access to exclusive partner offers. In addition, participants can take advantage of discounted rates for a variety of room types at different AMResorts properties.

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